Writing Desk

This writing desk is made of American Elm wood from the historic Yarmouth, Maine Elm tree known as “Herbie”.  At the time of his demise in January, 2010 Herbie was the longest living American Elm tree in New England.  Dating of the growth rings by the Maine Forest Service established that Herbie was 217 years old when he died of Dutch Elm disease this past January.  As part of an effort to remember Herbie and his long time mentor, Frank Knight, for many years the tree warden of Yarmouth, the wood was recovered, sawn into planks, kiln dried and then sold or distributed to woodworkers, craftsmen, turners and artists throughout the United States.  This desk is part of the project know as “The Herbie Project” whereby a portion of the proceeds of sale will be donated by the craftsman to the Yarmouth Tree Trust for the establishment of and preservation of future trees in the town and community.

I have made a number of this style of desk of varying dimensions.  The design can be modified in size and proportion to fit just about anywhere.  This particular desk has three drawers, but I’ve made a number of them with two drawers.

Secondary woods of the drawers are of quartersawn cypress and the drawer pulls are of Macassar Ebony.  Available in cherry, walnut, curly or bird’s-eye maple, butternut.  No more of “Herbie” is available.

66 inches long, 27 inches wide, 30 inches high

Price:   $3,600 in cherry, walnut and butternut
             $4,000 in curly or bird’s-eye maple